Tuesday, August 21, 2007

busy, bitten and bitter

So, it's been awhile.

A rough few weeks, to be sure.

I won't (can't...whatever) go into it now as it's still a little too fresh and horrifying, but trust me when I say I'd much rather have been with y'all.


I've been knitting.

And sewing.

And dyeing.


Exhibit A

My Frankenblanket is coming along smashingly.
Thanks so much to Michelle, Renee, Connie and Lisa (who is blogless...shocking) for their respective bits.
To contribute to Angela's Salvaged Sock Bits Blanket (aka Frankenblanket, or Frank to those who love him) drop me a line.

Exhibit B

This is a bit o sample knitting for Wendy.
It's a fairly quick knit and an easy pattern.
Gotta love Fleece Artist.
And Buster, the fattest (despite my efforts) cat on the planet.

Exhibit C

I've finished knitting the front of the cotton tank.
Naturally, I'll have it finished by October.
I have to work on my timing.
I might actually have enough yarn, though.
Perhaps I won't have to get more shipped in from France after all.

Exhibit D

A simple pair of Jaywalkers in Supersocks.
Not my favourite yarn, but I'm a sucker for a sale.

Exhibit E

Here's the circular knitting needle holder I've been working on.
There will be eight pockets and a Velcro closure.
It's far from finished and there are some major bugs to be worked out, but I'm happy with the basic concept, if not the end result.
The problem? It takes almost a full metre of fabric, so, unlike the roll up bag, it's going to have to cost quite a bit more.

Exhibit F

I'm sewing valances, drapes and pillows for the new Pick Up Sticks store.
The fabric (a heavy, embroidered canvas) Connie chose is understated and lovely to work with.

See? See?

I've not been slacking.



Renee said...

Sorry things have been crappy. I hope it's better soon.

I really like your circular pouch. I have no suggestions for the thing other than to smack a price tag on it and see what happens. You might be surprised how much we're willing to pay for such a thing.

Michelle said...

I hope things are looking up! I've missed reading your posts. I see you've been very busy. The yarn is gorgeous! My husband is going away on business the end of September, which gives me a chance to visit Connie's shop. I hope there will be still some of your yarn left for me!

Angela said...

Renee: You're totally right. We knitters can be insane when it comes to yarn, patterns, knitting accessories, etc. etc.

Michelle: I'm sure Connie will have some for you (The shop is WONDERFUL, by the way) but if she doesn't, I'll work something out for you.