Sunday, January 28, 2007

this warm little piggy

So, I finished the Jaywalker sock.

I found the pattern showed off the lovely Sweet Georgia [thanks Connie] yarn well, but got a little tedious.

I'd definitely like to try something a little more intricate.

Anyhow, pictures:

Thursday, January 25, 2007


So, this blog has been sitting around, gathering dust since April.

I think I've finally found a use for it.

I mean, doesn't everyone need a Knitting Blog?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Knitters on Crack

Here's the pattern I made up for the fabulous felted bag.

I call it Angela's Fabulous Felted Bag.

Okay, so that needs a little work.

Angela's Fabulous Felted Bag
(acknowledge, use and send pictures)

32" - 8 mm circular needles
3 balls Pink yarn
2 balls Green yarn
I'm just learning about yarn weights, gauges, etc, so I'm going to cheat, show you the label of the yarn I used and you can figure it all out on your own.


Cast on 25 stitches in Pink
Work 80 rows of garter stitch (knit every row)

Pick up stitches evenly around all sides - ~40 stitches on long sides and 25 on short
Knit 9 rounds in Pink
Knit 1 round in Green
Knit 8 rounds in Pink
Knit 2 rounds in Green
Knit 7 rounds in Pink
Knit 3 rounds in Green
Knit 6 rounds in Pink
Knit 4 rounds in Green
Knit 5 rounds in Pink
Knit 5 rounds in Green
Knit 4 rounds in Pink
Knit 6 rounds in Green
Knit 3 rounds in Pink
Knit 7 rounds in Green
Knit 2 rounds in Pink
Knit 8 rounds in Green
Knit 1 round in Pink

(all in Green)
Knit 1 round
Purl 1 round
Knit 1 round
Purl 1 round
Knit 1 round
Purl 1 round
Knit 1 round
Purl 11 stitches
Bind off (in purl) 18 stitches
Purl 47 stitches
Bind off (in purl) 18 stitches
Purl 36 stitches (should be back at the beginning of round)
Purl 1 round
Knit 1 round
Purl 1 round
Knit 1 round
Purl 1 round
Knit 1 round
Bind off (in purl) all stitches


Sew in all ends


Along with a pair of jeans (which helps with the felting) machine wash several times on:
  • high agitation (heavy wash, not delicate)
  • high heat
  • lowest water level
Air dry standing up, filled with (an) object(s) of the correct size/shape to hold it open.

Project Measurements
Before Felting - roughly 21" square
After Felting - roughly 15" square

I'll do my best

And what's up with all the random bruising?

She lives.

She aches.

She doesn't want to talk about it.

She'd much rather show you all the knitting she's accomplished in the last week.

Finally finished Mom's Birthday Thrum Mittens.

My first try at felting.
Love. It.

I just started knitting this Jaywalker sock with the beautiful Sweet Georgia yarn Connie gave me for Christmas.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Knitting Knonsense

So, my Nan and Taw have moved.

Their new place is (while exceptionally nice) tiny compared to the house they lived in for the entirety of their first 61 years of marriage.

Needless to say, downsizing was necessary.

Should I feel at all guilty that I benefited?

Didn't think so.

As well as a bunch of needles (straight and dpn's) I got a huge number of pattern books.

Several are all vintage and cool.

My favourite - c 1945 - has the best illustrations and photos.
The patterns are nice and basic.

As for current projects: All I can say is "I have to learn to finish what I start".

This is the 1/2 done scarf cum shawl I'm making for myself.
The pattern is something I stole from Connie.

This is the (alpaca!) yarn and Sublime pattern I'm knitting for Husband.
I'm going to have to bone up on my mad ribbing skillz.

It might not be alpaca, but this it the yarn I'm using to make myself this sweater.

Thrum mittens I'm making for my mother.
She has a green coat and a blue coat.
The yarn will probably clash with both.

In other knitting knews (yes, I know that's spelled wrong):

On the advice of another knitter, I purchased several nice sweaters from Value Village with the hopes of cannibalizing them for future projects.

It seemed like a great idea, until I started the frogging process.

What a giant pain in my giant ass.

I don't think I'll be doing that again anytime soon.

Regardless, I did get some nice yarn out of the deal.