Friday, April 13, 2007


Okay, so it's not knitting.


This quilt took me FOR-frickin-EVER.
Cut fabric.
Cut batting.
Quilt 'sandwiches'.
Take a million years (and the entire dining room floor) deciding on 'sandwich' placement.
Sew 'sandwiches' into strips.
Sew strips together.
Snip every (EVERY) seam every 1/4".
Wash and dry.

I actually really messed my hand up during the snipping part.

It's been two weeks and I still have no feeling in the tip of my thumb.
Should I be worried?

In theory, I made these Matchy Matchy PJ's for Husband and I.
In reality, I'm the only one that will be wearing them.

I'm not totally in love with how Mili decided to display either project.
Clothing looks so much better on a mannequin, and you don't get any kind of sense of the colour variegation when the quilt is folded up like that.

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