Friday, April 20, 2007


So, I've been wondering what to do with my leftover bits of sock yarn.

I picked up a bunch of solids to stretch the remnants into another pair of socks, but then I saw this and this and decided that I'd start one of those possibly-stunningly-beautiful-hopefully -wholly-satisfying-but-takes-a-hundred-years-to-finish projects.

With that in mind, Frankenblanket was born.

I'm really enjoying the whole process, and am not, shockingly, bored by knitting square after mitered square.

Starting it was rough, as I couldn't get any of the patterns I found online to make a square. They all ended up more ice cream cone shaped. Odd. I could have easily fixed the problem if I'd gone with a garter stitch square, but I was determined (obsessively so) to make them all stocking stitch.

The result tends to curl at the edges (I'll have to figure out something to do at the edge when I'm done) but it definitely has the look I was going for.

The problem? The blanket size is directly proportional to the number of sock pairs I've completed.

So, yeah, if anyone has leftover bits they'd be happy to part with...

Oooh! I also picked up a few more not-yet-bits of yarn.



Dharmafey said...

You know what? You should tell Wendy about your blanket. One little note on her blog would have you swimming in sock yarn ends!

Dharmafey said...

Uh, Wendy of, that is

nicole said...

That's a great way to use your leftovers! I have a bunch of tiny balls in a ziplock bag....and I don't know what to do with them. Oh, and I just finished knitting socks with that brown, orange & pink stripey Lang Super Soxx - it's super cute yarn!

Michelle said...

Your blanket is going to look awesome! And gives you a great excuse to knit more socks! Most of my left-overs went to making Barbie clothes and My Little Pony blankets, but I'll see what I can dig up!