Sunday, April 08, 2007

Foot fetish

So, I actually have been knitting...just not blogging about it.

I finished the pair of toe-ups for my mother's Person of Interest.
They turned out nice, even if I don't approve of to whom they'll be going.
The yarn is Fleece Artist's Sea Wool in Ivory.

And since my Husband wouldn't stop whinging that I knit everyone socks except him...
These are the Whitby socks from Knitting on the Road in Fleece Artist (Cosmic Dawn).
He picked both the yarn and the pattern himself.

I also picked up this book.

I've got my eye on the Flame pattern.



Michelle said...

I hope those guys appreciate your work! Isn't that sea wool so nice? I really like your Ivory colour. I think it's on sale at Serenity Knits this month, so I'll have to go get some!

Angela said...


Husband better wear them constantly.

And I LOVED the Sea Wool. It was so nice to work with and it had this almost satin-y sheen.



PS. I think I'm going to go to Serenity tomorrow. A friend told me all their Fleece artist is on sale. Yay!