Thursday, March 15, 2007

Army Girl

All has been pretty quiet on the knitting front.

I finished up a few odd socks - very proud of myself - but while I still have a few more to do, I couldn't help but cast on my Duets Sock (in your basic toe-up pattern with 'Magic' Figure Eight Cast-On).

(I tried, really, but then I saw that everyone else was doing it, and I'm nothing if not a sheep)

I should have listened to my gut however, as The Universe insisted on bitch slapping me at every turn.

Problem: Sock too big.
Solution: Frog and use smaller needles.

Problem: Sock too small.
Solution: Frog and use bigger needles but fewer stitches.

Problem: Short row heel too shallow.
Solution: Rip out (completed) heel and rework wrapping several extra stitches.


Anyhow, I finally finished up the first of the two, leaving the cast off until I see if there's enough of the brown left to do a cuff.

Cute, yes?

Final Problem: I had planned on these socks for myself. The (pink/green/brown) colourway is very much 'me'. But I'm finding the DK yarn weight is a little too thick for my liking.

Final Solution: Mom will be getting these socks for Mother's Day and I will be pronounced World's Greatest Daughter.

I'm sick of these socks anyhow.

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Michelle said...

Cute sock! And you have a lucky mom!