Saturday, March 17, 2007


So, I finished the Duets socks.

I think they turned out really well.

The yarn knit up really well, and there is a tonne of the pink etc yarn left over.

I'm also quite pleased that I had enough of the brown to do a fair-sized ribbed cuff at the top. That finishes it off rather nicely.

Oh! Oh! See my new (to me, anyhow) sock blockers?

My Aunt gave these to me for my birthday. She's got this enormous barn filled to the eaves with antiques and managed to dig these out when I mentioned my sock lurve.

They're not particularly of good quality (they're warped and cracked) and they're functionally useless to me (they're much smaller than my feet) but they do display the socks nicely, hmm?

Anyhow, all I've been knitting lately is socks.

I think it's time for a bigger project.

Husband's sweater, perhaps?


Connie said...

I vote for more Fleece Artist Sea Wool Socks - I got your order - it's ready and waiting! Happy Birthday! Belated....

Kellie said...

I have been a bit undecided about the Duet yarn until seeing yours now - the socks look wondeful. Dang, another thing for the 'wish list' lol.

Angela said...

Connie - Thanks for the birthday greeting, belated or no. I'll be posting pictures of my Sea Wool project shortly.

Kellie - My wishlist is so long, I'll have to be alive and married (so as to get Christmas, birthday AND anniversary gifts) for a hundred years. Sigh. Ah well. Could be worse.