Saturday, December 02, 2006

Busy girl

So, I've finished several projects I'd been putting off.

The Bumble Bee Mitts for Myles.
(Myles' hands are huge. My wee paws are swimming.)

The Pirate Mitts for Janine.
(Today she said to me, "Well, I don't have the money for them just yet." Grrr. I think I'll have her capped.)

The drapery panels for Nan.
(Ugly fabric. Horrible to work with. See my pin tin, though? Cute, eh? Value Village: $0.99)


Still to finish:

Cabbage Rose Swirl Throws for Nan & Taw, Aunt Pam & Uncle Jim and Mom

Stripe-y socks for Husband

Pajama pants for Kelsey, Raymond, Tyler, Husband and Brother


Still need to decide what to give:

Guy's mom
Nieces Emma, Gaelle and Veronique

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