Sunday, September 02, 2007

One step forward - two steps back

Another sample piece for Unwind.

I LOVE the yarn.

As for the pattern, it is easy to remember and navigate, but I swear it's mocking me.

I measure it at 10", knit another two pattern repeats (20 rows), measure again and suddenly it's 9".

Someone please explain that to me.

Oooh! And see the beyond pretty crystal stitch markers I got from Connie? She's carrying them both online and at her new shop.

I don't actually need them for this pattern, but they're just too sparkly not to use.

Yes, I accessorize my knitting.


Michelle said...

Ooooh! That yarn looks yummy!

Angela said...

The yarn is absolutely scrumptious.


PS. Are you going to the Knitter's Fair?