Monday, July 02, 2007

good measure

So, I got a little tired of the Dip Dye Method.

Behold, more Cold Pour.

Attempt #1
Teal - Fuchsia - Brown Cocoa

I mucked the colour joins a bit in this one....hence the purple bits.

It totally reminds me of that taffy candy I use to get as a kid.

The question remains: What shall I make with you?

Attempt #2
Scarlet - Fuchsia - Tangerine

The colour joins mattered not at all in this one.
Bleed away.

It's like Sherbet on Crack.

In my opinion, all good colourways should remind one of food.


Connie said...

Oh my - I've been missing out - what should you make with these amazing yarns? Nothing - you should sell them to Pick Up Sticks so I can be known as the shop who found the next great Indie Dyer. Seriously, we need to talk girl - time to order lots more yarn for you! I especially love the dip and dyes!

Susan Pandorf said...

I agree with Connie.

Mmmmmmm, yarn!

Attempt #2 looks like the seasilk I'm using for my Lily shawl. Same colors.


Renee said...

Those are brilliant! Tasty looking too...

Angela said...

Connie: We'll talk Wednesday.

Susan: I love your Lily Shawl. Pink and orange should go together ALWAYS.

Renee: Yarn and food. What more does a girl need?