Friday, June 29, 2007

Orange you glad?

So, I've been dabbling, again.

The Dip Dye Method this time.

See, I have all these amazing lacy/scaley/etc. sock patterns that I need something a little more subtle.

Well, as subtle as Tangerine can be.

Here's the mound (20 - 50 gr skeins) of Louet's Gems (in cream) I procured from Connie.

I need Test Subjects, after all.

I felt the need to colour coordinate.

All trussed up and ready to dye.

Can you hear its thin, high screams?

It's trying to escape.

Le petit spaghette

The process is a little tedious for someone (like me) who needs instant gratification.

The dying process (not including prep soaking and prep time) took three and a half hours.

Anyone hungry?

Yarn - in the wild - basking in the sun.

Dyed, dried and twisted.


I'm in love. Seriously.

::contented sigh::


j said...

What a fantastic color! Great work! :)

Susan Pandorf said...


Angela said...

Thanks, both of you.